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Yoni Bliss Homeopathic Lubricating Gel


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The feminine is our power source.

Pure. Natural. Effective. Fantastic!

“I am a new discoverer of Yoni’s Bliss – and I will never go back to the chemicals of commercial lubricants.  It feels like my natural moisture! And it doesn’t go sticky like the usual brands on the market.  This is a really special product.  We don’t often talk about our sexuality, but i just read that a huge majority of mature women (many many in their 80’s) have a thriving and satisfying sex life.  With we baby boomers advancing in years, Yoni’s Bliss will help us be among the satisfied!”

Yoni bliss®, the inspired lube that generated a Movement about Feminine Embodiment.

The lubricant came from Michele’s experience as a homeopath and healer involved in the lives of her clients, mostly women. Wives, mothers, entrepreneurs. Women with passion, involved, participating in their lives in big ways and still desiring more.

From there more came. A vision. A vision about what it means to be a woman in the world. A vision about Femininity and how to really stand in that receptive nature and not DO anything. Just BE it. It’s in the being that we drop the running around, and planning and making stuff happen. What would happen if we just embraced the feminine and allow everything to happen around us because we are simply holding the vision.

Yoni bliss® Contains only Pure, Natural Ingredients:

Organic aloe – The base on which Yoni bliss® was created.
Carrageenan – Derived from seaweed, carrageenan gives the gel its body.
Citric Acid – Brings Yoni bliss into alignment with the vagina’s natural pH balance.
Chamomile 6C – Soothing to irritated tissues.
Natrum Muriaticum 6C – promotes water tissue balance and the energetic freedom of “letting go.”

You don’t have to be intimate in order to benefit from using this lubricating gel. Yoni bliss® is great just for everyday comfort. It helps keep the vagina in shape by helping to keep those tissues lubricated.

To experience the everyday benefits of Yoni bliss® , use it once a day for a week and then try it 2x’s/ week.

Lubricants are also used to increase pleasure and reduce pain during intimacy. Yoni bliss® may be used in sexual intimacy with another or by oneself.

Women most often use lubricants to reduce dryness and enhance the pleasure of intercourse or to aid in their own sexual play.

To apply Yoni bliss® vaginally put one or two pumps’ worth on your finger. Then gently spread it in and around your vagina. You may also access a syringe that can aid in application further into the vaginal canal for deeper penetration of lubricant. Use as much as you need or prefer, as often as you like. Because Yoni bliss® is a gel, it will stay where it is placed better than will a liquid.

Yoni bliss is water based so it’s safe for condom use.

* Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.

Questions & Answers

How often can I use Yoni's Bliss?
As often as you like!  Seriously . . . you can use Yoni’s Bliss every time you have sex. If you are using it as a tissue tonic, use every day for a week or two and then try using it about 2x’s/week. Then play with it . . . you may need to/want to use it a bit more or less often.
Is Yoni’s Bliss safe?
Absolutely. Yoni’s Bliss is perfectly safe. It is odorless, tasteless, and has no worrisome ingredients. Ingredients are organic and natural, and the preservatives are GRAS (generally regarded as safe by the FDA), so you can ingest them—even if you are vegan—with no worries.
Is it safe to use Yoni’s Bliss with condoms?
Yes, Yoni’s Bliss is safe to use with both latex and polyurethane condoms. It will not weaken or damage condoms in any way. In fact, using Yoni’s Bliss on both the inside and outside of a latex condom can help prevent breakage.
Will Yoni’s Bliss kill sperm?
No. Yoni’s Bliss has no contraceptive properties.
Can Yoni’s Bliss be used with sex toys?
Of course! Yoni’s Bliss is safe and effective for use with sex toys
Does Yoni’s Bliss stain?
No. The simple, natural ingredients in Yoni’s Bliss will not mark or stain skin or fabric in any way.
Does Yoni’s Bliss stay good forever?
Nothing, not even great sex, lasts forever. Although any natural product loses its freshness over time, the airless pump bottle that it is in along with the preservatives ensure a pretty shelf stable product. Just don’t throw it upside down in a glass of orange juice in the throws of passion. (the stories we hear!!) Also don’t store it where it can be exposed to excessive sunlight or heat.
How often can I use Yoni’s Bliss?
As often as you like!
What will Yoni’s Bliss feel like to my partner?
It should feel great! It will definitely feel non-sticky and natural. Yoni’s Bliss is odorless and tasteless too.
How many applications are in each pump bottle of Yoni’s Bliss?
Our clear 100 mL. airless pump bottle lets you apply exactly the amount you want, exactly where you want it. Each generous bottle holds approximately 150 pumps of Yoni’s Bliss homeopathic lubricating gel.
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