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“Pure. Natural. Effective. Fantastic! The endorsement of specific individuals or products here at Relationships Concierge is a most infrequent occurrence. From time to time, however, something comes to our attention that is so unusual, or potentially beneficial that we simply cannot resist letting you know about it. And so it is with Yoni’s Bliss. We were nothing less than delighted with the results. After thorough field testing, my honey and I give Yoni’s Bliss our enthusiastic stamp of approval.”


“The fact that it does not contain ingredients that would be harmful to my skin was my initial reason behind using this product…the bonuses are that I love the texture and feel of the product. I also love that it is non sticky and non odorous. I keep coming back because it has been the first and only product that keeps working great, on a daily basis, especially since my body’s gone into menopause.”

“I was so excited to get your product and find out that it’s more than just a lubricant. I’ve used lubes in the past and unfortunately I was a bit reluctant to try this one; I’m so glad that I did. I just love it! I feel soothed, nourished and supported when I use Yoni’s Bliss. I have even put in on just to feel the fresh, soothing feeling on occasion too. Thank you for inviting my wild feminine side forward without concerns. I will tell my friends about it.”
H.N., California

For Michele

“Coaching with Michele has been fun and rewarding. As I continue to learn, grow, and expand – as a student of myself, I am realizing my dreams with greater efficiency, joy and ease. Encouraged by Michele, I have elevated my life and business intentions to a new level of fulfillment that include confidence and the energy to live more full, free and fearless. Supported by Michele, I enjoy greater vitality, awareness and resilience. If you have the opportunity to benefit from Michele’s wisdom and encouragement, I encourage you to commit.”
Peggy Johnson

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