From time to time I offer group classes as well as individual work with women.  Wise, Wild Women came from my strong affinity to all that is the powerful feminine, as did Yoni’s Bliss (the homeopathic lubricant) I designed for women. Creation is born from the sacred bowl of the second chakra.  I love celebrating that creation that resides in all women!

Future mapping classes, meditations, retreats all for you to enjoy.


“I have known Michele for a long time, I have worked with her for both professional and personal matters. She is a healer, homeopath, and an intuitive, but she empowers you to do your own work.

One of the many things I’ve done with her is a program she calls: Wise Wild Woman. I worked with her one on one and it was very customized to my soul searching and desires. She is awesome – I can honestly say I love and adore her.”

~Peggy J

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