You are a brilliant, successful woman in your own right. You have birthed babies, families, careers, companies and car pools. You are efficient, accomplished and in charge.

You can balance a spreadsheet, put out a fire, negotiate a treaty. (even between siblings)

You are a voracious student of whatever it is that lights you up or catches your interest. You are supportive to those around you.

But what about you?

All of this amazingness has taken its toll.

You haven’t really taken any time for yourself.

And maybe that’s better. Because if you did stop, you might have to face  . . . YOURSELF.

Face the fact that you haven’t let your guard down in a long time.

Face the fact that the pain when you pee just might mean you’re pissed off.

Face that your sexual desire is out the window.

Face the loss of sexual connection because of pain.

And this is important.

It’s important because the Yoni (Vulva, Womb, Source) is considered a woman’s second brain. And it holds trauma.

And I don’t just mean sexual trauma or rape.  But it could be that.

And I don’t just mean medical trauma. But it could be that.

And I don’t just mean words said, even in passing. that are disrespectful or shaming. But it could be that.

All of this has repercussions.

But even in the midst of the trauma we hold we still yearn for turn on.  We love the altered state of consciousness that we can access when we have a mind blowing sexual response. The hormones and chemicals released both calms and excites us. We are more tuned into our creativity and our power.

Being turned on and sexually responsive also makes us more confident. In that confidence is a realization of our worthiness, a realization that we are the Beloved. We are the sacred Yoni.

And Yoni will give you what you need. There are clues in the body, that when unravelled will unbind you. And unbound, Yoni is a force to be reckoned with.

She will tell you what you need. She will tell you what is true for you.

In this VIP session it’s all about you. I am only your guide, only your space holder, so that you can discover what Yoni has to say to you.

Might you be nervous? Sure. Yoni is a powerful voice. And you may not have been listening for awhile. But it’s okay. I’ll be there.

Will she require that you make changes? Perhaps. But she only has your happiness and satisfaction in mind.

Is it for you?


Look at these questions and assess for yourself.

Are you super successful, done a lot of internal work,  and sought out many alternative angles but still don’t feel as sexy or sensual as you’d like?  Does sex, even with yourself, feel like too much of an effort? Do you tell yourself that if you could only be more “turned on” things would be much better.

Do you often feel like you are too much for people? Do you wonder what would happen if you let your whole self be unleashed? Are you fearful that you would be rejected if you did?

Are you a sexual trauma survivor?  Have you experienced rape, attempted rape, sexual addiction or sexual anorexia? Have you witnessed it in any of your relationships and it affected you profoundly?

Do you have chronic vaginal or urinary pain? Is your body trying to tell you things that you are not sure you want to look at or admit?

Are you a cancer survivor? Breast cancer, uterine or ovarian cancer can wreak havoc on our physical bodies as well as our emotions. We may not feel like whole sexual beings anymore.

Are you going through hormonal changes? Menopause, pregnancy and post pregnancy are all times when big shifts are going on in the body. And sometimes it’s hard to make heads or tails out of it all. Desire can be all over the map.

What do we do in a VIP session?

  • 4 – 6 hours split into 2 sections, with time in between to nourish yourself and integrate and come back for more.
  • Conversations about what you’d like to change. Investigation into the patterns that you and your body are holding. This helps Michele find a homeopathic remedy for you. Energy work, and thought repatterning. Meditation and play. Michele follows your energy and holds the container for what it is that you need, and we’ll go as far as you and your body allow.
  • What can you expect from a Yoni Reclamation?
  • Reclaim health. Find the beginning of resolution for long time pain and trauma whether physical or emotional.
  • Get your Sexy back.  Are you missing that old swagger? Maybe you’ve never let it out. Experience your version of sexy.
  • Experience your own Sensuality.  See it as an ally to your “turn on”. Find ways to keep the fire burning within yourself.
  • Love your Sensual Body.  Self love is at the core of everything we do together. Find the allowance in your life and your body. Enjoy and appreciate all you and your body are and can be.

Book with Michele a time that is good for the both of you. This is a sacred, blissful and fun experience with the possibility of tears. It’s all good.


Call for information.

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