Yoni Bliss Homeopathic Lubricating Gel



Yoni Bliss is a homeopathic, water-based lubricating gel. Use it to increase pleasure and reduce pain during sexual activity or for daily comfort.

Dryness and pain can be intermittent or ongoing for women going through hormonal shifts pre or post-pregnancy or from menopause, medications, and surgeries. Using Yoni Bliss once or twice a day for a week or two, and then as needed, can help alleviate dryness and pain.

Because Yoni Bliss is a gel, it will stay where it’s placed better than a liquid, and because it’s pH balanced for a woman’s vaginal tissues it keeps that potentially fragile environment in good shape.
This beautiful homeopathic lubricating gel includes the remedies Natrum Muriaticum and Chamomile.  Natrum Muriaticum for water tissue balance as well as the emotions of sadness and holding on, and Chamomile for both tissue and emotional sensitivity.  3.4 fluid ounces.


Order two bottles and get free shipping with Lube Launcher included.


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