8 Beautiful Benefits Of Energy Healing

8 Beautiful Benefits Of Energy Healing

Is It For You? I have always been a seeker. Even though it took me awhile to find the benefits of energy healing. When I was in my early 30’s I was in therapy trying to figure out my life. Every week for over a year I’d walk by a homeopath’s office. Her name was...

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What Is Energy Healing Work?

What Is Energy Healing Work?

And Can It Benefit Me? There are umpteen kinds of energy healing modalities or techniques in the world today. These modalities remove blocks or shift something in the body or energy field so that you are more in alignment with your true self. Healers come in all...

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About Michele

Michele Brookhaus is a certified classical homeopathic practitioner with 18 years experience helping children and adults heal from symptoms from skin conditions to feelings of anxiety and depression. She has made it her mission to help women connect in with their creative center (think second chakra) through all phases of their hormonal cycles and enjoy the ride!
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