Here we are at the end of another not so easy year. How did you do? How are you feeling?
How kind were you? 
How kind were you to you?

When we are not doing well pain oozes out. And sometimes that pain oozes out with some lashing out. And then the lashing can also turn inward. 

But the reality is that the pain is coming to the surface.
And what do we do about it?

I say choose you.
And be kind to yourself. Be gentle to yourself.
Find a way to let the pain show itself, and then be gentle with yourself, because it is showing you something. Listen. And be kind. 

This is the message that I have been hearing for myself over and over again this year. In my bumping up against friends, family, colleagues (because who hasn’t in this year of great polarization?) I have recognized my own grief, my own pain, my own self-loathing.  Thirty years on this path of healing and still there is more to discover. And that’s okay. 

Because it’s time to be kind. To be gentle.
To relax and breathe deeply into your body and find some space.

Can you do that?

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year!
Michele xo

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