A few weeks ago I encouraged those of you wanting to see a difference in moisture and tissue plumpness to try Yoni Bliss every day for 3 weeks, and then as needed. How did it go? What have you noticed with your persistence?

Yesterday I was answering questions about Homeopathy on a Facebook group and I got the question, “How long do I wait?”  How long do I wait before  I know whether this remedy is working or not? How long do I stay with my practitioner before I decide I need someone else to take a look at me and my symptoms?

It’s a good question.

Waiting is not always easy, nor is it always fun. On the other hand, we can also wait too long.

In terms of homeopathy, it’s not always a straightforward answer. With a remedy, it can depend on what’s going on in the body, how long you have had a condition, what other interventions are being taken (including allopathic medication) as well as the potency of the remedy and the remedy itself. In a broad-strokes description, sometimes a mineral remedy is slower to act than a flower remedy. So there is a dance and an observation. And it’s harder for us to observe ourselves than another can, which is why Homeopaths generally want to see you in 4 – 6 weeks.
But what if it seems like nothing is happening? What if you have been seeing your homeopath (feel free to stick in the name of any other modality of healing you are pursuing)  and it seems like you are not making progress?

First I’d ask; is it true?  Is it really true that you’ve made no progress, or is it your perception? We can, of course, not always notice changes others can.  It’s also why homeopaths take good notes. Because we do forget about symptoms we’ve had.

But what if there really haven’t been changes?
When my son was a baby, he had eczema from head to toe (I know many of you know this story). After I finally got him to a homeopath it took 18 months to clear his skin completely. In some ways that is a long time for a child who started his healing journey at 6 months. A child with not yet a lot of life experiences and traumas. However, in the grand scheme, not so long. His skin has remained clear. 
Would I have felt like the time, energy, money, and wait were worth it if it took longer? Or if I didn’t like or trust my homeopath?  
These are considerations too. How in sync do I feel with my practitioner? Does it seem like we are on the same “fractal”? Do they see me?
Then how long? 4 months?  8 months? a year?
When is it time to jump ship? And when is it time to hunker in for the long haul?

Some of us have been on lifelong journeys of healing. I have had many teachers, coaches, practitioners, and healers. I have training in a few different modalities. Some of my connections have been for years and years, some have been for shorter times, and some I likely should not have started to begin with. But even in that, there is learning.

So now I’m going to open it up and ask you, How long do you wait?

You’ll know to which subject I’m referring.
How long do I wait to start this difficult conversation?
How long do I wait to begin taking care of myself?
How long do I wait to go and see my health care professional?
How long do I wait to improve my sex life?
How long do I wait to Love my Sensual Body?

These are the bigger questions. Of course, there is an art and science with Homeopathy about knowing when to wait and when to move on with a remedy.  Leave that to someone who’s trained in it. Or go and learn for yourself. I guarantee it’s fascinating.

And so are you.

Michele xo

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