May is national masturbation month.

I don’t know how you feel about that. The word masturbation itself, I am sure, conjures up all sorts of feelings, thoughts, and possible judgments.  I know it does for me. 

It’s complicated. We can often have a lot of shame and trauma associated with both our sexual experiences and masturbation. Even the idea of it.

Sometimes we feel bad and wrong. And sometimes it’s the only thing that does feel good.

I get it. 

As you know, I am a proponent of the body. I am an advocate for the sensuality of our bodies. I am an enthusiastic supporter of presence in our bodies.

And presence actually requires presence. Presence requires listening to our bodies. Presence requires touch. And maybe touching ourselves. Touching our beautiful bodies. (Please open yourself to the beauty of your body)

Touching our bodies with Love. Maybe even touching our Yoni’s with Love.

I talk on my website about how Yoni Bliss can be used daily to help with water tissue balance, and pH balance, and general soothing.
Our Yoni’s (vagina, vulva area) can be tricky. They are sensitive. They are susceptible to being out of balance.

Hormonal changes can shift the pH in our vaginas. Semen can shift the pH. 
Dryness can happen with hormonal shifts, with medications, and with emotions.

Yoni Bliss is a water-based, acidic lubricant. Your yoni in its natural state loves this. Yoni Bliss also has homeopathic ingredients to support the Yoni. Natrum Muriaticum is what I want to talk about today.

Natrum Muriaticum is salt. Think about salt in the body. Too much, we retain water, not enough we are dehydrated. 

Using Yoni Bliss daily will help the body to navigate that balance in the vaginal, vulva area. 

It is one simple way to love your body every day and be wetter, and maybe more comfortable. Apply a little love to your Yoni for 21 days. It’s my challenge to you.

You can masturbate with it if you like. Or you can just enjoy the sensation of the application. Or perhaps you may not enjoy it too much until your yoni is back to its natural pH balance, (it can cause stinging if you are too alkaline), or if you feel shame or emotional discomfort.

Be with that. See what comes up. Journal about it. Talk about it with someone. Know that there is always help available.

What would it be like if you tried it for 21 days?  Loving yourself. Loving your Yoni.

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