Is there such a thing as Yoni for beginners?

If  you have one, you’ve likely had one since you were born. (though this is not always true.)  And the likelihood that you know a little bit about her should be true. But do you know what the word Yoni means?

Yoni is a sanskrit word for vagina, vulva, womb or, my favourite, Source. Yes there is the more conventional or clinical term of vagina, but that is such a specific term for a particular area. Vagina means “sheath:, and that’s exactly what a vagina is shaped like. You’ve also likely heard or used names like vajayjay, hooch or pussy for that whole vaginal area. And you likely have your own favourite term. But Yoni, for me,  is both poetic and inclusive of a much bigger feminine reality. That’s why I like it. Because as women, Yoni is the beginning, it is who we are. Life comes from there. born out of Love of one sort or another. Birth and death. Creation, destruction. Orgasm. An inhale and an exhale.

And what about Bliss? The dictionary says bliss is “supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment; heaven; paradise.”

Possible? Possible for my Yoni?

Hell yes I say!!

Activated, my pussy or Yoni IS the Source of my being. And being that, I can’t help but feel a buzzing or a tingling that expresses my connection to that happiness or contentment. A Juicy yumminess that reminds me who I am. Yes. I am that! I am Source. And so are you.

So how can you be Yoni Bliss?

    1. Choose it: Everyday. Remember you are Yoni. Remember you desire Bliss. And in the choosing you will have it.
    2. Meditate: Breathe into your Yoni. Breathe out of your Yoni. Breathe into your Yoni. Breathe out of your Yoni. Do this for 17 minutes.
    3. Massage her: A therapeutic vaginal massage that you give to yourself or someone else gives you will help you release tension and emotions that are inevitably stored in those tissues.
    4. Masturbate: Bring yourself to orgasm in a way that feels good to you. Orgasm releases feel good hormones like oxytocin that contribute much to that joy and contentment we were talking about earlier.
    5. Have Sex: Yes, both masturbation and massage contribute to the “use it or lose it” adage, but the added benefits of having sex with another include a bunch of health benefits that come from swapping both spit and semen.
    6. Take Care of Yoni: Bliss comes with care. Care includes keeping the pH balanced, taking care of inflammations or infections, and utilizing a good lube when dry. Care means using mild soaps, wearing breathable underwear (remember breathe in, breathe out?), and doing your kegels.
    7. Surrender: Yield to your Yoni ladies. What does this mean? Yoni has power that you may not know that she has. Put your hand on top of her and listen. She’ll tell you what brings her Bliss. She’ll tell you what makes her happy. All we need do is listen.

You may not be a beginner with your Yoni. But come to your Yoni with a beginners mind. Come to her with your curiousity and openness. Allow her to teach you the ways of her Bliss. And in the process become more connected to yourself and your heart. That is Yoni Bliss.

Michele Brookhaus, RSHom(NA), CCH is a classical homeopath and creator of the homeopathic lubricant Yoni Blliss. Her desire is for you to feel Sexy, Sensual, Satisfied. When not writing or recommending remedies, Michele loves to dance, converse and play in the ocean. (of life)

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