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We’ve all had a yeast infection at one time or another. Sometimes they are chronic, and a pain in the “you know where”.  Vaginal yeast infections or Candida arrive when we are out of balance in some way. And you know the symptoms. Itching, burning, discharges. Yuck.

We all know it’s real, and it’s something we probably need help with from time to time.

Yes, it helps to sit in apple cider vinegar sitz baths, and to insert yoghurt and garlic cloves up your vagina, and even to sit on cheese. (And yes, I have done all of these things!) But sometimes it’s easier and less messy to take a homeopathic remedy. And if you get the right one it’s pure brilliance!

I’m here to share a few top notch potentials in the realm of yeast and your Yoni (sanskrit for vagina), and most of all how to choose the right one for you!

First, let me tell you that homeopathy is based on the principle of “like cures like”. Which simply means that the remedy can produce in a body the same symptoms that it “cures”. Secondly a remedy is made from plants, minerals or animal substances, and is dilute to infinitesimal doses. It’s an energy medicine. I love that.

Now down to business. (Warning. Graphic description of discharges.)
  • Sepia. Sepia is made from the ink juice of the cuttlefish. It’s generally a great remedy for women going through hormonal shifts who are feeling worn out and crabby. Kids and husband clingy? Need some personal space? Wish everyone would quit touching you? That’s Sepia. Now for some possible vaginal symptoms. Severe itching. Swollen labia. Yellow, greenish, milky or lumpy discharges. Foul smelling. Maybe you feel like your whole womb area is bearing down, like everything is going to fall out. Sepia may be your remedy.
  • Calcarea Carbonica. Calc Carb is made from the scraping of an Oyster shell. Feeling flabby, fat, chilly and a bit melancholy? Perhaps slightly overwhelmed? This might be your remedy. Yeasty symptoms include itching and burning sensation, and discharges that are worse when urinating. Those discharges can be thick, milky, yellowish and more sour smelling.
  • Kreosotum. Beechwood kreosote. Imagine a burning tree, and the remedy made from this cinder. There is intense burning in this remedy picture. Acrid, hot, foul discharges. Offensive, corrosive, extreme itching. Possible stitching pains in the vaginal area. There is also a not knowing about what one wants. Something sounds good . . . but when you get it, it’s not satisfying, so you change your mind. Kind of a fretfulness.
  • Sabine. Made from a type of Juniper tree, this remedy is all about female pelvic organs. Suited mainly for hot blooded women who feel better in the cool outdoors. High sex drive even with symptoms. Discharges are itching, burning, foul, thick and yellowish. Possible craving for lemonade.
  • Sulphur. Yes that yellow rock. Women needing this remedy are warm and worse overheated and over exerted. Bathing makes things worse, and doesn’t seem to help the offensive discharges anyway. Burning, throbbing, congestion. Redness of orifices. Itching. It can be hard to sit still because of the soreness “down there”. Discharge of yellow mucus. Sugar can be the big culprit for symptoms in this remedy although it is craved. Spicy food is also a craving for those needing this remedy.
Do one of these sound like you and your yeast infection? Go ahead and grab that remedy at your local health food store in a 12C or 30C potency and take it several times a day for a few days. It may just help!
Don’t see your remedy here? It’s possible it’s one of another 10 or more. Find a homeopathic practitioner to help you.

Michele Brookhaus, CCH, RSHom(NA) is a classical homeopath passionate about women and their sexual health. Schedule a consult with her. She is also the creator of Yoni Bliss, a homeopathic lubricating gel for women.


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