It happens. Even the cleanest lube can create a burning sensation when you use it. Maybe you’ve had that experience. Or sometimes it burns and sometimes it doesn’t. And you are scratching your head wondering why, and what to do about it.

Let’s start with some of the reasons your lube might burn.
  1. It has parabens in it. I know most companies are getting pretty savvy about not putting these in products anymore. But it’s still a possibility, so go ahead and look at the ingredient list.
  2. Glycerin, or sugar can often be another reason you experience a burning sensation with a lube. I know all of those flavoured lubricants seem like a fun idea, but it’s no fun for your vajayjay!  And that’s because . . .
  3. You might have a Candida (yeast) infection. And if you are using a lube that has sugar in it, that only compounds the problem.  But having a yeast infection in and of itself may cause your vagina to burn when using a lube (especially one pH balanced for your vagina), because when you have an infection it changes the pH of your vaginal tissues.
  4. Your lube has alcohol in it. I know, crazy right? Alcohol belongs in your drink, not your lube. But some lubricants use alcohol as a preservative.
  5. Vaginosis. This is a bacterial infection that your vagina could be harbouring. And again, any infection changes the pH of your vaginal tissues, and then can cause problems with burning.
  6. Chlorhexidine. This is a disinfectant found in some lubes. The problem with it is that it kills all bacteria in the vagina, making it prone to infection, and we are back to vaginosis. Those good guys are needed to keep tissues healthy.
  7. Condoms anyone? I know this isn’t strictly a lube issue. But some condoms come pre lubed, or pre spermacided. (is that a word?)  Anyway, whatever is in or on the condom could be the culprit for that burning sensation.
  8. Micro tears in vaginal tissue. Caused by too much sex with a dry vagina. So sorry. Another reason to utilize a great lube.

What is a girl to do now that you have found the issue

  • Pee after sex. Okay, it won’t necessarily prevent the burning, but it can clean out anything that might be causing the problem.
  • Douche with kefir or plain yoghurt. Yeah, maybe kind of weird, but it works to get good bacteria into those tissues to prevent problems and heal things up. And do it more than once. Three to five days usually works.
  • Sitz bath with a few drops of tea tree oil and a cup of vinegar in a shallow bath. Sit your bottom in the tub to ease symptoms of a yeast infection.
  • The homeopathic remedy Cantharis is great for any peeing you have that causes a burning sensation. Especially if it comes after sex.
  • Take your omegas, and especially include Omega 7’s because they are the best for mucosal tissue. You can find plenty of Omega 7’s in a Sea Buckthorn supplement.
  • Squirt a water based lube up your vagina before sex. This will get tissues prepared beforehand especially if you are experiencing difficulties with being dry.

There you have it. A healthy yoni (sanskrit for vagina) is a happy yoni. And a yoni is never happy when it hurts. That’s why I created Yoni Bliss. We all deserve sexual satisfaction, and sometimes help is needed to get there. Yoni Bliss is an aloe and water based lubricant with homeopathic healing components that address the underlying issues of dryness and irritability. You can use it on yourself daily to improve the integrity of your vaginal tissues, as well as use it during sex. It’s a great addition to an improved sexual experience. Yoni Bliss is pH balanced for a woman’s vagina, and so it can cause burning if there are any underlying problems going on. This information may be a good start for you to suss out your particular puzzle,  but don’t hesitate to contact your health care professional for added aid.


Michele Brookhaus RSHom(NA), CCH is a classical homeopath and the creator of Yoni Bliss. She believes women deserve to feel Sexy, Sensual and Satisfied. You may contact her or purchase her product at  


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