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I have always been a seeker. Even though it took me awhile to find the benefits of energy healing.

When I was in my early 30’s I was in therapy trying to figure out my life. Every week for over a year I’d walk by a homeopath’s office. Her name was Heather Herington, and that office intrigued me. I wondered what it was she actually did. At some point I decided to find out and went in to see her. I went through a long intake process. She wanted to know about me ~ and that felt good. What I remember most were the results.

When I was going through another of my chronic sinus infections, the ones that usually took a couple of rounds of antibiotics to resolve, I decided to try homeopathy instead. Heather took my case and gave me 2 remedies. She said “If this first remedy doesn’t work, then take this second one”.

It worked. And I was both surprised and delighted. It inspired me to take a closer look at homeopathy. I doubt I’d be here practicing if that intervention didn’t take place.

Homeopathy was my first foray into energy healing. Beyond comprehension, with nothing left of any substance in a homeopathic remedy, it still acts. It acts on the body, on the emotions and on the mind. Some say it works spiritually too. It makes no concrete sense, and yet I have reaped the benefits.From there the leap to experiencing, learning and practicing other energy healing modalities isn’t that great. We are playing in the energetic field where all creation begins.

And so it is with light body work, reconnective therapy, reiki, acupuncture and a whole myriad of other modalities. We are eliciting energetic changes that manifest as certain results in the body.

What are some of those benefits or results? 
    1. More Space For The True You: One of my teachers used to say that trauma is encapsulated in the body. I’d visualize these traumas as little pods. The more trauma (physical or emotional), the more pods. Energy healing, of all sorts, helps the body to integrate the trauma by reminding the body that it is okay in this moment. And that it did a great job in protecting us at that other time. But having too many of these “pods” doesn’t allow energy to flow all that freely through the body, and eventually symptoms result from not integrating the trauma. As integration happens there is more space. And that space gets filled in by your true you, your energetic or soul self. And that feels really good!
    2. Changes in physical symptoms: The side benefit of energetic healing is a change in symptoms. I know, I know, it’s usually the physical symptoms that get us to start looking for healing. Those physical symptoms though are really just a sign that there is trauma of some sort and you aren’t allowing your true self in. So if you come in for the physical symptoms, that’s okay, because those can get addressed, and we have to follow the signs, whatever they are.
    3. Insights into how and why you do the things that you do: This seems like an odd benefit. But unless you are going to a psychotherapist, an energy healer also can provide insights and a sounding board for you to discover yourself. And sometimes that discovery is all the healing that is needed for you to be on your way to creating your best life.
    4. You are shinier: What do I mean by this? You become bit by bit more joyful and perhaps a bit more open. Your light shines through, and you know how attractive light is!
    5. You have an opportunity to let go of things you didn’t know you were holding on to: We don’t always know what’s holding us back. It’s the old “a fish doesn’t know it’s in water” analogy. Energy healing’s opportunity is often that of seeing something I hadn’t seen before.
    6. You might be inclined to keep the energy flowing: Through the process of energy healing, you might begin to realize that it’s not just your practitioner that can help you, but you can help yourself. Afterall, you are an energetic being too. And your practitioner should have ways to help you help yourself. Or you may find those ways all on your own.
    7. Relaxation and better sleep: Here’s a good one. Who doesn’t want to feel more relaxed? Who doesn’t want better sleep?
    8. Your intuition improves: As more and more of the real you, the energetic/soul you, moves into your body, because there is more space for it, the more intuitive you become. You are not relying solely on your thoughts. You rely on how it feels, on how your body feels. Does it feel good? Yes? You can trust that.

If you would have told me 35 years ago that I’d be an energetic healer I would have laughed. I was a serious girl with a serious mind. I also was a traumatized girl with lots of physical evidence. The evidence is always there. In the body. It’s a beautiful thing to tamper with the evidence, allowing it to integrate and heal. Allowing the true you to shine on bright.

I’m inviting you to find yourself an energy healer. Find one that you resonate with. And if this information resonates with you, and you think you’d like to work with me, I await your invitation.

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