And Can It Benefit Me?

There are umpteen kinds of energy healing modalities or techniques in the world today. These modalities remove blocks or shift something in the body or energy field so that you are more in alignment with your true self. Healers come in all shapes, sizes and viewpoints. Some are clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic, aura sensing, psychic, or have some combination of these gifts. Some of these gifts are native, and some are honed.

I consider myself empathic, and when I work with people I often get a picture or visual in my mind’s eye. Words also come that can clarify what I’m seeing, or explain what I “see” happening.

The 4 energy healing modalities that I focus on include:
  1. Homeopathy: This energetic healing modality, based on the principal of “like cures like”, initiated my work into energy healing. Remedies made from plant, mineral or animal substance present themselves based on an intake. An intake is basically a long conversation where we talk about what goes on in your body, your emotions, your thoughts. A homeopath wants to know what makes things better and worse. We want to know about fears and anxieties, as well as any profound experiences that have had an impact on your life. Food cravings, sleep habits, dreams – nothing is off limits to talk about. And, in fact, may be the key to finding a great remedy. A homeopath chooses a remedy for you, for your whole being. It stimulates your life force. It’s about you being seen for who you are, and in that recognition, healing happens. This means that symptoms dissipate, sleep improves and you just feel good.
  2. Light Body Work: The light body, an energetic structure, surrounds the physical body. It is a beautiful structure that hooks into the acupuncture points on the body. That structure can get damaged along the way, or we have grown or changed so much energetically that it no longer “fits” us. There are benefits to having it “tuned up” so that it can hold all that we have become.
  3. Neurolinguistic Programming: I love what Richard Bandler (one of NLP’s founders) said about neurolinguistic programming: “The easier you can make it inside your head, the easier it will make things outside your head.”  The attitude fostered in NLP is one of flexibility and curiosity, knowing fully that excellence is present within each of us. Focus on the desired state is what helps create the new model of the world we reside in.  We already have the resources needed to get to where it is that we say we want. It’s a matter of tapping into its presence and replicating that knowledge into areas that may “seem” deficient. Perhaps this doesn’t seem like energy work to you. It does, however, to me. Some of the best shifts in our energy and energy systems comes directly by how we are thinking about ourselves and our lives.
  4. Open System Energy Healing: All of my training, understanding and experience comes into play here. Raising our vibrational frequency so that we can live our lives joyous and free provides me incentive to do this work. Over the years I am more aligned with my soul purpose, and am happier doing it. My calling is as sounding board and a raiser of both frequency and fun. They are one and the same. Good questions are often what are needed here, as well as tuning in to the body, both physical and energetic. The body shows the way to what wants help.
How About Those Benefits?

Health, happiness, energy and flow. These are some of the benefits I see. Physical symptoms retire, sleep improves, emotions even out. I love looking at the body energetically. I love using the tools that I have in my toolbox. And I love working with women.

If you want to learn more about Homeopathy and Menopause, Go Here to learn more.


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