I started my homeopathic practice almost 20 years ago, and the the skills I learned in school and throughout the years were about listening rather than coaching per se. Perceiving the body and the vital force, finding it’s patterns, listening to what it was saying. Because the body always talks! It talks through gestures, through disgusts and desires, through cravings and what makes it comfortable. The body talks through its symptoms, its aches and pains, its discharges and the side of the body things show up.

I am always fascinated and honored to be witness to what the body will show, and what it won’t.

Language is likewise significant. What words does a person use to reveal themselves. We can’t help but reveal ourselves, and that is a beautiful thing.

Homeopathy is very hands off. Observe, decipher the pattern, offer a remedy. Then watch a Being unfold and reorganize. Amazing!

I am, however, a girl who likes some “hands in the clay” too. I noticed that sometimes a remedy opened a door that was a little too arduous to walk through. There were obstacles in the way. A life circumstance, a belief or attitude.

I also found I love engaging with my clients, offering insights into the patterns that I was seeing. It became fun and rewarding to witness a well indicated conversation have an impact on my client’s lives. And so I’ve done more and more of it over time.

Wise, Wild Women became a “thing”. Coaching women to creatively get clear and attend to their desires, whatever they may be.

I got training in coaching. I chose NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) because I love the idea of strengthening positive neuronal networks to help us move in more desirable directions. And it’s fun!

Lately, I’m moving into more intimate realms. As the creator and developer of Yoni’s Bliss, (Yoni is sanskrit for vulva or womb) I am seeing the need for women to look at, unpack and see what’s truly desired in their vaginal and sexual health and well being. Our wombs are the creative center of the Yoniverse. And it’s an area we tend to ignore. And it’s time to stop that!

So what might Coaching do for you?

5 Amazing Benefits:

  1. See Your Patterns: Sometimes we need someone to mirror back to us patterns that we are blind to. Through the coaching that I’ve done in the past, I know this to be of huge benefit. Just recently a coach asked me why I was presenting in a certain way, and I didn’t even know I was. I was stunned. And appreciative. It was a quick change because it wasn’t even something that I believed, it was just an old habit. Sometimes the patterns are deeper, and a loving container can make it safe for you to see. And seeing is often the most of it. We can’t unknow something once we know it, and that awareness is half the battle.
  2. Get Clear: We often are not clear about what it is that we exactly want. There are often so many wants and desires in our being that it’s a big swirly mush. And then we feel frozen, unable to make any decision about what might be next. Coaching can help get you clear. What is truly important to me? What is that I really want? Clarity helps focus. And focus gets us where we want to go.
  3. Shift: Sometimes it’s a shift in focus or direction. Sometimes it’s a shift in attitude or belief. A 2 degree shift can make big changes in your life. You’ll land in an entirely different place with slight adjustments. And we often think it will have to be a big adjustment, but that is NOT true! What a relief!
  4. Be More Confident: You already are an amazing human being. Really, you are! Sometimes we just forget. And it’s your job to remember that, not your spouses, not your kids, not your employers. It’s yours. And while that seems like that might suck, it really doesn’t. Because if you see yourself as amazing, so will others. What a catch 22!
  5. Enjoy Yourself: As far as I can tell we are here to have fun. We are here to enjoy ourselves and our lives. We are here to explore, create, relate and expand into the full glory of who we truly are.

It is so worth it, YOU are so worth it to get some coaching. It’s about living your best life NOW. And who says that we have to do it on our own? That’s old programming.

So, are you interested in exploring the stuck places in your life, your health, and your yoni? I’m totally game to play. Book an exploratory consult to see if we are a good fit!

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