A homeopathic approach to menopause is a brilliant approach if you understand that we are energetic beings. And as such, utilizing plants, minerals and animal substances in their energetic form and based on the principle of “like cures like” addresses that energetic body in some amazing ways.

Homeopathy can nudge the body in the right direction, allowing the body to take care of itself. And in menopausal terms, it simply means it allows the body to transition much more seamlessly to its next stage.

Menopause is generally defined as occurring 12 months after your last period . . . the ceasing of menstruation. For most women that’s somewhere in their 40’s or 50’s. Mayo clinic says that for women in the United States that average is 51.

I guess I’m average, because that’s pretty much exactly when I was done. I suspect I am  one of the few women out there who mourned losing her “friend”. I must have intuitively known that the transition to this next stage was going to be a bit gruesome. And so it was.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t get help. I know better! I got lot’s of help. Homeopathic remedies, supplements and nutrition have all been allies along the road.

Every woman’s hormonal journey is different. A good comprehensive look at menopause can be found in Karen Reed’s article.  Some of the same elements may combine in different ways for each of us. Symptoms that we experience can be due to our chemical makeup, but also our sensitivities, our emotions or any stress or abuse we’ve experienced.

Women are complicated.

In this article I’m  giving you an overview of only a handful of remedies that can be utilized to keep you moving through your own beautiful transition.

If you are inspired to try one of these remedies go for it! (I’ll tell you how later) Or you may want to consult with a homeopathic practitioner. That’s okay too. It will be a great opportunity for someone to hear the whole story, to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together for you, and to give you a remedy that’s just right for you!

We are each unique and nuanced beings, and that’s the beauty of addressing the hormonal shift of menopause with homeopathy because it recognizes that!

Menopause causes fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone which can cause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, headaches, depression, vaginal dryness, bladder problems, thinning hair, dry skin, breast pain, mood swings, memory problems and joint pain

Are you ready to hear about some remedies that can help? Here’s a snippet from 8 good ones. Can you see yourself in any of these?

  1. Calcarea Carbonica: The woman going through menopause needing this remedy will likely have a difficult time assimilating calcium in the body. Cold, damp and sweaty. Feet and hands may be cold and clammy. They are susceptible to night sweats, and the full moon can keep them awake too. Uterine polyps or cysts are possible and periods are heavy and last a long time. This woman easily puts on weight and feels worse from exertion and the pressure of clothes. Having sex can be exhausting to them too.
  2. Pulsatilla: The woman needing this remedy will notice that her symptoms are changeable. Things shift and change and move around in her body. She is often pretty emotional. Weeping comes easily. Pulsatilla is a wind flower, and if you think about yourself in this way, you notice a sensitivity. Things change as the “wind blows”, so to speak. Women can be either very sweet, or super irritable. Periods are scanty, late and may be painful. There may be clots. Being suppressed is not helpful and can cause problems, so not having sex is not good for these women.
  3. Sepia: The word for Sepia is stagnation. Everything is not moving, and it’s not good. So they need to move to feel good. Exercise is super important for women needing this remedy. Irritability towards children and partners are common due mostly to an over concern, or overwork. Pelvically there can be a weakness, a dragging down or bearing down sensation. Sex can be painful and may be due to vaginal dryness. Sometimes there is bleeding after sex. Sometimes there is great desire for sexual contact, but mostly there is an aversion to it.
  4. Lachesis: This remedy is a big one for menopausal women. Great for hot flashes, and left sided symptoms. Left ovarian issues. A woman who needs this remedy feels better bleeding. So emotionally, and physically things feel worse just prior to her period beginning. Once she starts to bleed things feel much better. During menopause if she’s not bleeding freely there is more pain. She is highly sexual, and likes to move.
  5. Cimicifuga: Here is another remedy for sensitive woman with a tendency to plump up. They love conversing about a variety of different subjects, and have a tendency to wander, feeling better by doing that. A dark cloud of depression may envelop them. There is actually more pain with more flow during menses. Their periods during perimenopause can be heavy, dark and clotted. But while the pain may be worse, they actually feel better emotionally.
  6. Sulphur: Hot and sweaty. Hot head, hot feet. Lot’s of night sweats. Burning, itching vulva or vagina and both sitting and sex can be painful. Her uterus may feel like it’s bearing down on her, and that’s worse by standing. Cycles get further and further apart, there is little blood, but it may be foul smelling, burning causing vaginal soreness.
  7. Aurum muriaticum: Are you having heavy periods due to fibroids? This might be your remedy. (of course, so could Sepia, Calcarea, or Lachesis, so look at other symptoms you are having too.)  There is a perfectionism evident in women needing this remedy. They perform well. During menopause they may notice heart palpitations, their hair falling out, and while their head may feel hot, their hands and feet may be cold.
  8. Murex: This remedy is similar to Sepia for women in menopause, but while Sepia has little sexual desire, Murex has a high sex drive. In Sepia, the period is generally light, and Murex has a heavier period. Both may have the sensation of a bearing down uterus or prolapse. There may be more anxiety and depression in menopause with forgetfulness being a more prominent feature.

Now that you know a little about 8 remedies, you have to know that there are more than twice this many that may be right for you. It might be hard to choose one.

I suggest that if any of these resonate with you to go ahead and get a 30 C potency. Because these are diluted in water, we are talking more about energy than the actual substance, so remedies are safe to take even if they aren’t quite right. There are no side effects.

Take 3 – 5 pellets once a week for about 3 – 4 weeks. Then check in with yourself to see if you are noticing any changes . . . any improvements. Remedies, again, are not designed to cure anything. They are meant to stimulate your vital force. Your body is smart. It has some amazing resources, and sometimes a push in the right direction is all that’s needed.

Needing help from a practitioner? There are many to choose from. Just go to the North American Society of Homeopath’s website.

I am also available for consult via Skype or phone. Schedule Here for a complimentary consult to see if this approach might be right for you.

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