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Michele Brookhaus
Homeopath & Women’s Health Coach

Discover what it’s like to love living in your body.

Life Coaching

When women are supported in their journey of creation they find the clarity they need to love life, live free, and be well. Explore coaching.


Homeopathic medicine embraces a holistic, natural, and gentle approach to the treatment of the symptoms and illness. Explore homeopathy.

Energy Healing

The knowledge of perfect well-being is within all of us, contained in our “energy body.” Explore ReConnective Therapy (RCT).

Women's Health

All women have the power to boldly ride the wave of bliss and create the body, mind, and spirit we each desire. Explore women’s health and happiness.

Michele Brookhaus, RSHom(NA), CCH

Beyond Well began as a homeopathic consultancy. Drawn to its gentle, natural, and holistic approach to treatment of the sick, Michele began a practice after successfully treating her young son for eczema. Over the years, Michele added new modalities and treatments to her practice: energy healing or Reconnective Therapy, spiritual guidance and something akin to shamanism, and guided meditation. Still looking for a way to help individuals create deeper, more lasting change, Michele added life coaching and specific exercises aimed at helping her clients reach their goals and find more fulfillment in their lives. The whipped cream on top of this amazing sundae of self-actualization is Michele’s homeopathic feminine lubricant, Yoni’s Bliss.

Through all this growth and exploration, Michele has had a steady following of women who trust her and depend on as a trusted confidant and coach. She provides health, spiritual, emotional, and personal coaching.

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I have consulted with Michele for homeopathy, RCT, and life coaching. When I first met Michele I was suffering from Grave’s disease and her work with me was instrumental in my remission. Michele’s approach to health is so holistic that it was very easy to transition from addressing the health of my body to the health of my heart, my mind, and my spirit. She has helped me leave old, unhelpful ways of thinking behind, and learn to create the life I both want and deserve to live. She uses tools, such as future mapping and NLP that have provided valuable insight and new ways of approaching challenges. She has truly helped me to love life, live freer, and be well.”

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