A Big Thank You to everyone who has supported and enjoyed Yoni Bliss over these last 11 years. Alas, we are closing our doors due to manufacturing costs, and an inability to reach the required quotas.

I have so enjoyed this journey with you. You are welcome to come over and see me on my practice website www.brookhaus.com Drop me a line, book an appointment, or read an article. (I will be transferring many of the women’s sexual health articles to my practice website.)

I will continue my work as a practitioner and would love to see you there.

Again, so much appreciation for your support over the years.


Yoni Bliss arrived as a whiff of a dream in the form of a Homeopathic Lubricant.

Yoni Bliss also became a calling, a movement, a manifesto to Reclaim and Embody more and more of our Feminine Selves. Reclaim our health, reclaim our vitality, reclaim our knowing.

It has called me to Embody my Feminine self. The woman within. The one with a wise, wild heart.

But it’s not without its perils, and much of that is within our own bodies, our own thoughts and emotions. We have the capacity to create heaven on earth, but seldom do because we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for the answer.

Look within. Your Yoni knows. We are said to have 2 brains. The head and the gut. I say it is the womb, or our Source, the Yoni. Intuitively we know that creativity is born there. We create life. A miraculous and powerful task. Incubating it to fruition.


It’s time to plant the seed, incubate and birth the Woman that you are.
Be Healthy and Free to be the divine essence of YOU. And Love Your Sensual Body.

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New Year. Choose You.

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Being Sensitive

Being Sensitive

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How Much Trauma Can You Take?

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